How to generate website traffic from Facebook

Here are some proven strategies on how to generate website traffic from Facebook.
At the first step, you have to sign up on Facebook and get a Facebook account and add friends to your account. Now, you need to have friends for you to whom you can push your website or product before you can generate website traffic from it.

After that, you can drop a line on your wall to send your message. To generate website traffic from Facebook, you need to let your friends know about the website or product you are pushing. The "wall" feature on Facebook is one of the easiest ways to do this. You can post your website or product there,  it'll appear on your friends' page automatically.

Nevertheless, the above strategy has its restriction as you are not permitted to have more than 5000 friends. To overcome this and generate website traffic to your site beyond 5000 persons, you can set up a Facebook Fan Page. With this Fan Page, you can have endless individuals becoming your "Fans" including your active Facebook Friends and anyone outside Facebook. One more hot thing about Fan Page is it can be indexed in the search engines and does not require Facebook registration.

To get website traffic, you can also promote your website by posting "invitation" of an event or launching to your Friends. The invitation will appear immediately in their account. If they accept, they will become a potential traffic to your websites.
Another very powerful feature to generate website traffic by utilizing Facebook is by making human relationships with the internet marketers who you require to reach! You can do this by being their friend. Whenever they update their wall, give your honest and purposeful comments. This is the easiest way to acquire their attention. Do this long enough and they will begin to like you and treat you like a "real friend".

The above-mentioned are some of the verified strategies to generate website traffic from Facebook.

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