How to Generate WebsiteTraffic Instantly

If you want to increase targeted website traffic without any delay, for free, you should take full advantage of all the possibilities of this very popular website; Yahoo Answers. It is a high page rank website (PR 8), frequently consulted by many internet users. Possibly you have already heard about it yet never truly understood its potential. This website accepts all your links without restrictions, even if you are simply promoting affiliate products.

The proper way to use Yahoo Answers

As the name implies, Yahoo Answers is a website where people submit their questions and find answers from other people. This website is a priceless instrument for any author to advertise their knowledge or services on any given matter. The site is very easy to navigate.

As a starting point, go to Yahoo Answers and sign-up for an account, then click on the tab "Browse Open Questions". Choose your wanted category for answering questions related to your business. You'll find a number of questions including the time all of these questions was put up. Begin resolving the questions relating your topic of expertise. Yahoo Answers gives its users the opportunity to set links under each questioned answered. It is better to answer the questions most recently posted because this way you'll have the chance to be the first one to put up an answer. You simply have to answer an individual question relating your subject. You don't need to talk with someone who placed the question. Therefore, you don't require to waste your time resolving further questions and continue making further explanations about your answer.

Why choose Yahoo Answers

A serious marketing ploy for targeting website traffic is to frequent blogs and forums. They should of course be the ones that are unique to your area of expertise. Make yourself available, comment and leave your product or services links. Even So, many times these blogs and forums need an ongoing discussion which is really time consuming for the busy entrepreneur.

At Yahoo Answers you have no obligation to stay on at the site longer than it takes to resolve each question. You don't want to follow any particular discussion. This means that you can directly jump to the next question after answering the first one. You have the opportunity to instantly post your links again and again, without interruptions or needless delay.

With Yahoo Answers you acknowledge that your links are being posted to a website that has a high page rank. This way that they will be displayed on the first pages of the search engines which pop up when internet users type in your main keywords. Also, your own website's ranking will improve from receiving back links that come from a website with a high page rank.

The second advantage is that Yahoo will display more questions about your topic as soon as you answer the first one. This feature will enable you to stay on answering questions about the subject you have selected in a quick and efficient way. It is important to note that you must quickly answer the questions before other people do. When your answer becomes one of the last ones posted, there is a less chance it will be read. Internet users are eager; they want quick information and they will not read long lists of answers to get what they are looking for.

The third advantage of using Yahoo Answers is the ability to include links with each answer. This free marketing tool ensures that your website will be visited immediately by many other people interested in your answer and the promise that you will be able to give them further service or insight. Yahoo Answers has constant traffic from many internet users. You'll be wonder-struck with the amount of questions that are posted each second on this website, and with the corresponding number of internet users who read the answers to the questions and would like more information.

Besides the advantage of starting instant targeted website traffic without any expense, your answers remain online. These answers will direct traffic to your website each time when an internet user is concerned in the answers you gave to different people. In time, the links provided under your older answers will day by day increase the targeted internet traffic to your website. 

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